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Why LSA Insights?

LSA Insights is the only local media performance and planning tool of its kind. Leveraging actual campaign, geography and category level data, the database provides insights and reporting on various local media types with access to high level and extremely granular data. 

With millions of data points, LSA Insights aggregates, normalizes, organizes and clearly presents the data to provide one-of-a-kind local media insights. Users can leverage the tools to develop smarter client strategies, sales aids, thought leadership, ad publishing tactics, corporate strategy, investment planning and much more.  

So why LSA Insights you ask? Three reasons:

  1. Optimize ad performance
  2. Sell smarter and more confidently with data to back you up
  3. Discover the appropriate marketing mix

Whether a publisher, agency or brand marketer, LSA Insights will provide you the information you need to boost sales, grow revenue and unleash the power of local.

If you are interested in learning more about LSA Insights please contact Kevin Kalinowski at LSA.