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Supporting New Business Efforts

"The team here at Linkmedia 360 has found LSA’s reports and insights to be extremely helpful in supporting our new business efforts and proving value across multiple media channels." 

~ Renae Dabney, SVP, Linkmedia 360

Earn Trust

“For too long, the local media rep hasn’t had all the necessary data to make a convincing argument to their prospect or customer as to which media to invest in. Now, with LSA Insights, the local media rep can build a more compelling case and help earn the trust that’s required to cement long term relationships.” 

~ Neal Polachek, Industry Advisor, BuzzBoard

Assess Ad Performance

"LSA insights is the first third-party tool that provides broad campaign benchmarking capabilities across media types. It also offers the unique ability to drill down by industry vertical and market to assess ad performance." 

~ Monica Ho, SVP of Marketing, xAd